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  • 200cm long, 80cm wide, 100cm high. 300 kilos.
  • Body of machine is stainless steel.
  • Stainless steel door, one or two glass viewing panels.
  • Can be mounted on a trolley.
  • This hog roaster can be used in doors in a kitchen or restaurant or catering trailer, or out doors built into a bbq area or as a mobile unit mounted on a trolley. It can run on propane or natural gas. This is a very well built robust hog roaster that will run seven days a week with out a break.. It will last for years with very little maintenance and will still look as good in years to come. This machine is built to work hard and last for years.
  • Spit Roast.
  • Will cook up to a 75 kilo pig head off, or 60 kilo head on. Cooking time 1 hour for every 10 kilos of pig.
Ultimate Range
Ultimate Hog Roast €7595  
Ultimate Spit Roast €7995  



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