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  • 180cm long, 80cm wide, 200cm high. 100 kilos.
  • Body of machine is stainless steel.
  • This is a truly revolutionary charcoal spit roast with its unique system of baffles you are able to very easily regulate the temperature, so you can maintain an even cooking temperature for long periods of time ideal for spit roasting whole pigs and lambs etc. It also means you can prevent the food from cooking to quickly and becoming burnt on the outside.
  • The maachine also doubles as traditional bbq great for cooking for large or small parties and has a solid side to the cooking area you can use foor keeping food warm, doing fish and stir fry's.
  • Spit Roast.
  • Will cook up to a 75 kilo pig head off, or 60 kilo head on. Cooking time 1 hour for every 10 kilos of pig.
Ultimate Range
Charcole €3295  



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